Is Vaping Better to the Individual than Smoking? What are you opinions on Vaping? Let's see what this person has to say about vaping, Dr. Farsalinos M.D.

Is Vaping Better to the Individual than Smoking? What are you opinions on Vaping? Let's see what this person has to say about vaping, Dr. Farsalinos M.D.

Here we will present some Facts, Opinions and Observations about vaping related to people who quit smoking and started vaping. When we present facts, they are not our opinion or observation, they are cited and accurate facts about smoking and/or vaping that can not be argued. To argue a fact, you must present substantial facts that discredits a fact.

This seems like common sense, well certain studies are not presenting facts only wild conclusions based on minimal or non-existent evidence that vaping can cause all sorts of diseases or contains all sorts of chemicals.

Have you quit smoking and started vaping?

If so, please call (360) 217-7224 or following the hyperlink here to post a comment on our public wall to tell smokers how you feel and share your experience with our Vape Shop so we can pass the message along to all of the new vapers looking for a success story they can relate to!


Ok, so I want to start this experience by telling you guys a cited story from Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos M.D. A well established and credible Doctor of Science behind disputing false evidence from weak case studies about the harms of vaping. This story can be found here in full and shares an experience from a man's seemingly hopeless condition and how he overcame that condition in his 60's by buying a 3rd generation ecig/vape starter kit.


"Here is a case report proving the link between e-cigarettes and COPD as well as laryngeal cancer. It is the medical history of a 64 year-old retired mechanic in commercial ships. He was a smoker since the age of 16, smoking 3-4 packs (60-80 cigarettes) per day. In 2001, at the age of 47, he was diagnosed with COPD. Despite that, he continued to smoke at the same rate. In 2011, at the age of 57, he was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer. He underwent surgery followed by radiotherapy. During radiotherapy he was still smoking 3 cigarettes per day. Once the radiotherapy sessions ended, he went back to the previous consumption (3-4 packs per day). In 2013, at the age of 59 and 2 years after the laryngeal cancer diagnosis, he tried a 2ndgeneration e-cigarette (eGo type battery) as a smoking cessation aid, without success. In early 2016, at the age of 62, he had a serious COPD crisis and deterioration of his condition. He was hospitalized in a respiratory disease clinic and was discharged few days later with oxygen therapy at home and instructions to use oxygen for 18 hours per day. He was basically institutionalized at home, being unable to go out and developing dyspnea even when walking from one room to the next inside the house. But he kept on smoking. One week later (after 46 years of smoking) he decided to try a 3rdgeneration e-cigarette (variable wattage battery and tank atomizer). He managed to quit smoking on day 1. He stopped using oxygen therapy after about 1 week, and he eventually returned all the oxygen equipment and nebulizers that he obtained after the hospitalization. Today, he is fully mobilized, he is riding a scooter, he is building his own atomizer coils and he managed to convince his son and other relatives to quit smoking with the use of e-cigarettes." 


Here is a good statistic to look at when considering vaping and what has made people successful at reducing and/or completely removing cigarettes from their life while vaping. This is from the largest eliquid survey completed by Konstantinos Farsalinos, MD, MPH,1,2,3 Christopher Russell, PhD,4 George
Lagoumintzis, PhD,2 Konstantinos Poulas2.

"Choice of the one flavor most often used at the time of survey participation by former
smokers who were using e-cigarettes at the time of quitting smoking" - FDA-2017-N-6565 for “Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products."


So now that we have established some good credible facts about vaping, let's talk about the personal experience of our Vape Shop and why we continue to do business in the vape industry despite the "Bad Press" that we may receive. If you would like more hard facts about the public health aspect of Vaping, follow this link to Dr. Farsalinos M.D. 

Do you smoke? Would you like advice on Vaping? If you have questions related to vaping or simply need somebody to recommend a good product or somewhere to go that is credible, give us a call or comment online on our social pages to start a discussion. (360) 217-7224 - (No Spam Calls).

Our business has been delivering Vape - Ecigarette - Ecig - Vapor (whatever you want to call it) products to the public that is above the legal age of 18 in the state of Washington and online throughout the country to customers above the legal age to vape, in the state they reside for over 4 years.  We started on a simple concept, vape was hard to find and impossible to understand through various online retailers without hours of in depth research about ejuice flavors, batteries, mods, tanks and everything else that is out there. So we made the process easy in our local area and pioneered one of the first 100% vape shops in the south Snohomish County area. Or mission was to educate the smokers that wanted to start vaping and provide an excellent product for a reasonable price to those who were interested in vaping.

We were majorly successful, but why? And what does this have to do with the topic? Well, we became successful because we too were once smokers and chewing tobacco users who found vaping more beneficial to our lifestyle than the current habit. I will tell you this story and end the Blog on that:


I had a business partner at the time (1 of 2 partners), he had just turned 30 years old and smoked roughly 2 packs of cigarettes a day, give our take a half of a pack. When he heard of vaping he, like many new vapers, related it to the "cigalike" starter kits that put out minimal vapor and more than likely fell apart within a few weeks. This was in late 2013, so the truth was that those were the most commonly available "Vapor Products" to the average smoker. You know, the ones you see in the gas stations where people buy their smokes, the ones usually branded with a color for the name. 

Well, I was dedicated to find him a different experience with vaping and quickly set out to get a new starter kit for my business partner, convinced I could one day get him to accomplish what I did in just 30 days. In the first 3 months of business he went through around 5 different mods and tanks, destroying and disliking everything I brought his way. He had tried a few mechanical mods, Variable Wattage devices and even the simple Ego Style Vape Pen.

This is when I realized this guy needed more than just a device put in his hand and a flavor of juice that sounded like it came out of a british movie from the 90's. He needed the holy grail of vapes, one that couldn't get damaged from water, dropping, over-tightening or any other bad habit that you pick up while smoking (Sitting on your pack, etc.).

Well, to cut the story short to save time for everybody. It took another 2 or 3 mods and about 18 months to get my partner to quit smoking while vaping. During that process he convinced hundreds to do the same, ran a successful business, convinced his mom who was diagnosed with health issues related to smoking to quit by using a vape and never went back to his old lifestyle as a skeptic. 

See the point of this story is that no matter who it is, vaping has an impact on personal lifestyle. ages 30-60 are not abandoned in this story. Skeptics and those who have no idea what vaping is have made the switch. What will you do? How many people will you tell and are you will to tell governing bodies your story?


Reach out to us if you have an experience you want to share, leave a public comment for new vapers to see:

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