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Snohomish Vapor Co

Monroe Location - 18960 State Route 2 Ste 176 Monroe WA 98272

Snohomish Location - 2707 Bickford Ave Ste B, Snohomish, WA 98290

(360) 217-7224

(360) 243-3168


Thank you for taking the time from your busy life to read about our company. Our Vape Shop in the Sky Valley Area, located off Highway 2 in Monroe is the first of many Vape Shops we plan to establish in not just the Sky Valley/Monroe area but across Washington State. Monroe WA is the home to our Headquarters of Vape Shops. All new Eliquid, high end mods, new tanks, new accessories and all vape equipment will be tested first in our Monroe Vape Shop.

Why is that important? Well when it comes to our customers, we determine what new vape products to bring in based on customer demand and recommendation. What do you want for new RTA's? Or are you more of an RDA or Tank type of person? Our Eliquid selection is based off of the most popular ejuice lines in the Sky Valley and Snohomish County Area. We only know what the newest, hottest vape products are because our customers give such great feedback!

Now onto the Bio. The name Snohomish Vapor Co refers to Snohomish County WA. We wanted a broad name that makes sense for all of Snohomish County and we want to be taken seriously about our company. A name like Dragon Lounge Vape Shop just doesn't say that we are here to stay. 

Snoho Vapor has a rich history. We have been in the Vape Business since 2013, we have just now decided to move to Monroe to open our retail vape business because we see a huge potential in the Sky Valley area. With Seattle growing, people are being pushed further out to areas like Monroe. Why should a Vaper in Monroe be limited in choices or selection on vape products. Let's bring a big city Vape Shop to the up-and-coming city of Monroe.

Our goals are simple:

Bring a great selection of eliquid, mods, pods, tanks, RTA's, RDA's & More to a great customer base in Sky Valley - Snohomish area at an affordable price.

With our extensive history in the vapor industry and our highly trained employees we are committing to providing the best service for all customers. If you have any questions for our staff call us today using the contact information below.


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