Transistor Transistor Eliquid


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Are you #TeamLemon or #TeamBerry?! We'll let YOU decided where you loyalty lies! The way these sweet lemons make the delicious berries POP, you'll understand why our intergalactic version of a Pink Lemonade stands in its own category!



Imagine cutting a juicy Grapefruit in half, topping it with sugar, then diggin in with a huge spoon! This was Grandma's secret weapon and now we are sharing it with you! Get your tart fix, followed by a nice ruby red exhale... all topped with a soft 'n sweet sprinkle of sugar!



Who said lemons have to be sour!? These Lemon Sugar Drops are delicious without being too tart or overbearing. This is definitely a smooth all day vape!



The name says it all! A delicious watermelon candy, backed by juicy tangerines and mangos! Whether you like a cooler vape or heating up into warp speed, everyone is bound to find an out of this world flavor note that is sure not to disappoint!



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